Submarine Fibre Optic Cable Industry:

  • Landing site scouting and assessment
  • PLGR surveyors and client representatives
  • Installation surveyors and client representatives
  • PLIB surveyors and client representatives
  • Data processing and quality control surveyors
  • Data management specialists and consultants
  • GIS and AutoCAD dataset development

Marine Geomatics:

  • Project field support – onshore and offshore
  • Data processing
  • GPS installations
  • AutoCAD design
  • GIS design
  • Cartography and map production
  • Offshore survey client representatives

Bathymetric LiDAR:

  • Project consulting and feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Site surveys
  • GPS location scouting
  • Marine assessment
  • Project field support
  • Data processing and editing
  • Data quality control
  • Software development
a jet Horn Mtn. sea floor
GPS Plough-launch Pazflor-Hortensia