Submarine fibre optic cable projects are our speciality.
From deepwater trans-oceanic installs (Columbus III and PC1) to shallow water island ring systems, our offshore surveyors are experienced in providing quality online navigation services on cable ships and installation support vessels.
Our survey representatives have an extensive knowledge of the geomatic requirements and data collection protocols required for a successful cable installation, therefore can confidently oversee a project as it progresses.
Since 1997, we have provided geomatic services and consultation for most of the submarine cable industry leaders.

Other marine geomatic project experience includes outfall construction, rock dumping and multibeam surveys. Data services include GIS and AutoCAD chart work, data quality control and analysis, and report writing.

Bathymetric LiDAR is a specialized yet developing industry. Our experience with managing hydrographic LiDAR projects, producing data sets and developing software solutions places MGC in an excellent position to work with new clients interested in this shallow water mapping technology.

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